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Darren Hee is an Australian Registered Piano Technician (ARPT). He holds a diploma in piano technology from the Randy potter School of Piano Technology. Also a member of the New Zealand Piano Tuners and Technicians Guild, which is known as PTTGNZ. Darren receives regular master training and learns the latest fine art of servicing the piano from  the Steinway Asia Pacific (SAP) & Steinway Academy (Hamburg). He is currently an authorized piano tuner technician for Steinway & Sons Malaysia. 


Darren sets up his company "Darren piano service"  for customers in Kuala lumpur. He also works on all other pianos including brands such as  Boston, Yamaha, Kawai, (upright & grand piano) etc. and has a small workshop for repairs and restorations. Many older instruments respond beautifully to careful hammer reshaping, regulation and voicing. This work is very reasonable and can quickly restore a tired sounding piano to a reasonable instrument again.


Darren is happy to assess a piano for you, knowing something of the condition of a piano before you buy it can save you a lot of time and money! 

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